Information for students


2020 S2 (January 2021)

Placements for 2020 S1 DY has not yet begun. You are not required to do anything at this stage yet. Check back sometime in July 2020.

2020 S1 (August 2020)

Following the FOS DY Briefing & Registration session, you will have to fill in Dr. Natasha’s Google Form by 11 Jan 2020. Check her Facebook group for more details.

When considering places to apply for local internship, take note of the following:

2019 S2 (January 2020)

For those who are finishing their internship in the next couple of weeks, please be reminded that your DY report is due one week after completing your internship.


26/3/2020 All students have now been allocated a place. Thank you for your cooperation.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all students undergoing local DY placements have been withdrawn. If you have been asked to work from home, continue to do so until the last day of your internship. DY report will be due as originally scheduled.

No new local placements will be allocated, EXCEPT to the following:

1) Sukarelawan berkhidmat semasa pandemik Covid-19

2) Special permission will be given for internship/COP which directly benefits the country in relation to the Covid-19 situation other than the Sukarelawan involvement

In both cases you must obtain consent from parent/guardian to undergo these activities. Please contact your DYA for more information.

2019 S1 (August 2020)

If you have completed your 2019 S1 DY, you are due for an assessment interview. One of the maths staff members has been assigned as your interviewer, so keep a lookout for a call for interview. We aim to complete these interviews by mid January 2020, before you go off for your next DY (if you are going for another DY, that is). In some cases it may not be possible to schedule one beforehand--e.g. your SAP starts early--in which case we will conduct a delayed interview after your return.

Interviews are now complete, except for a very small number who have left for their abroad placements before the interview period. These will be conducated after your return.

OSHE and RA forms

Students undergoing local internship or COP are required to complete OSHE and RA forms before undergoing the internship. The procedure is roughly as follows:

Report guideline

A report is to be completed and submitted in PDF format softcopy to DYA one week after the date that you internship is scheduled to end. Here are some guidelines for preparing an internship report:

Note that the above are simply guidelines. Your report will be assessed based on its content, presentation & format, conclusions & reflection of internship experience, and also evidence of workplace knowledge.


Information for students undergoing their Discovery Year (UBD Mathematics Majors). Check back often for DY updates and information.

Maths DYAs

The current Discovery Year Advisors are:

The DYAs serve as your point of contact for DY related matters (internships and COPs). For study abroad programmes (SAP) or international internships, you will be liasing with the DYC Dr. Natasha Keasberry.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with Dr. Haziq about any DY related matters (signature, advice, etc.), use the [Calendly scheduling tool]( to do so (no need to e-mail beforehand).

UBD has implemented work from home, therefore I will be hardly at the office. Please e-mail us regarding any DY matters and we can arrange for an online meeting or digital signature for any forms.